[apane title=”Where can I get a price list for the Maracas?”]Please email us and we would be more than happy to send you the price listing for our Maraca Designs.[/apane] [apane title=”Can I get a custom design?”]Yes, of course!  I will need to see an example of what it is you would like designed, since the design is what drives the price of the maraca … i.e. if it’s a complicated, intricate design, it costs more than something that is very simple to do.  When you send the first email, please note that you would like a custom design and attach the idea of what you would like designed to your email so we can take a look and I can send it to the artist and ask their opinion.[/apane] [apane title=”How soon should I place my order?”]We recommend that you place your order within 2 months of your wedding, Specially for Weddings April – May — October to January–  although we are fairly flexible with that.[/apane][apane title=”Once I’ve placed my order then what happens?”]Once you’ve placed your order, I will send you an email with the final quote and payment information.  ALONG with that email will be an ESTIMATED SHIPPING DATE (ESD) if we are shipping the maracas, or an ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE (EDD) if we are delivering the maracas.[/apane][apane title=”Can I see an example maraca beforehand??”]Yes, you can.  But you will need to purchase an additional maraca as a “test” maraca AS WELL as pay for additional paint, in case you decide you want different colors.  The artist will paint the test maraca and we will take several pictures and send it to you for approval or you can pay for shipping, if you would rather see a sample in person.  Please let us know ahead of time if you wish to do this as it obviously takes more time to do.[/apane][apane title=”Will you send me a picture of my finished maraca?”] Unfortunately, this is a case where a few brides have ruined this service for many, utilizing this as a “loophole” to approve and/or make changes to their maracas.  Therefore, we no longer send pictures of a finished maraca unless you purchase a sample maraca, as mentioned up above.[/apane][apane title=”How big are the maracas?”] The maracas are approximately 8.5″ long from top of maraca to end of handle and approximately 6″ in diameter.[/apane][apane title=”I would like the (fill in the blank with:  round, narrow, smaller, etc.) maraca size.  May I please have that shape/size instead?”] The maracas come from the gourd of a fruit (calabash) of a tree.  Therefore, it is organic in nature, which makes every maraca a slightly different shape – whether that’s narrow or very round – a bit bigger or a bit smaller (although most normally range in size like I talked about up above).  So, since the maracas are an organic material, we cannot control the size and/or shape of the maraca.[/apane][apane title=”Can we choose other colors than what’s shown on the examples?”] Yes.  In the email I will send you, I will tell you how many colors each maraca design has (i.e. for example “Palm Trees” has two colors – a base color and a design color).  We will paint your chosen design based on the colors you tell us you would like to have based on the pantone color system. We match it as closely as we can – please keep in mind that INK color and PAINT color don’t always look exactly the same.[/apane][apane title=”Is there a minimum or a maximum order?”]
No order is too small or too large.  You can order 1 maraca or you may order 500 – all up to you.[/apane][apane title=”Do most people order one or two for their guests?”] I am a firm believer that you do what feels best for your wedding   .  But since I get this question quite often, most brides order one maraca per guest.[/apane][apane title=”What does the “shake me tag” usually say?  Can I change it?”]
It usually says, “Shake me at the kiss?” and, yes, you can change it.  I just need to know what you would like it to say.  A popular alternative is “Shake me for a kiss” but brides/grooms have also gotten creative with their tags   .[/apane][apane title=”I’m not from the States, can I pay with another currency?”]Yes – if you are writing me from Canada or any other country other than the United States, please just let me know before I quote you and I will send your quote in your local currency.[/apane][apane title=”Do you ship to the United States or Canada?”]Yes, if you are willing to pay the 2-3 times more shipping, we WILL ship to Canada or the United States, if you so desire.[/apane][apane title=”Do you ship within Mexico?”]
Yes, we do ship within Mexico.  We use DHL.  If you are ordering maracas that you need shipped within Mexico, please be aware that we will need the shipping address AS GIVEN TO YOU BY YOUR WEDDING COORDINATOR.  This is because shipping addresses in Mexico ARE NOT usually the same as a directional address and we would prefer that your maracas get to you on time   .

We will also need the following information:

  1.  Your coordinator’s name
    2.  Their email address
    3.  Their local Mexican phone #
    4.  Their SHIPPING address

Please note that YOU are responsible for the accuracy of your shipping information.  If you follow my instructions on how to get the correct shipping address, this won’t be a problem.  If you do not,we will not be held responsible if your maracas are shipped to the wrong address if you were the one to give us that address OR if you were the one who authorized us to ship to that address.[/apane][apane title=”Our wedding is in the Riviera Maya (Cancun, Tulum, etc.).  Can we just stop by and pick-up the maracas?”]This note is for our more geographically challenged clients   .  We are located in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco Mexico.  I’ve noted that with a yellow star and a big red circle.  The Riviera Maya, which encompasses Cancun, Tulum, etc. is on the OTHER side of the country.  Think of it this way – it’s as though we were in Los Angeles and your wedding is in New York!

We  are approximately 2,143 kilometers or 1,518 miles from the Riviera Maya.  Therefore, unless you are stopping over in Vallarta for a visit, you more than likely won’t be “just passing by”   and will need to have your maracas shipped.[/apane][apane title=”How much are your tags, place cards, menu cards, escort cards, etc.?”]In the inquiry email you send re: design prices, you will find all of that information.[/apane]